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7/5/17 - Zachary Warren

CISCO tactical operations team can provide accessible networks for disaster areas anywhere in the world in 3 days time.

This group has intervened in all kinds of disaster zones including Hurricane Katrina and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Providing these people with a network to contact family members and get the information they need in a time of crisis is priceless and CISCO picks up the bill for these operations. 


Vault 7 Leaks

7/5/17 - Zachary Warren

A barrage of leaks from Wikileaks has brought to light a smattering of CIA exploits and techniques in tracking and infecting consumer hardware. One of the pieces of malicious software, “brutal kangaroo,”  can activate a software loaded onto a USB simply by plugging the usb into the computer and looking at the files in a Windows GUI. USB exploitation has been around for a long time, but this new delivery method that doesn't require opening a file should be a scary prospect for any end user.

Nuclear Network Attacks

7/7/17 - Ryan Cooper

According to The Verge, hackers of unknown origin, "have been targeting the networks of companies responsible for operating nuclear power plants in the US for the last two months." The article states that the purpose of these attack may be either to obtain classified information, or to potentially disrupt the operation of these sites. It goes on to say that hackers have successfully breached some employees' computers, but the officials at these power plants claim that the network is established in a way that this should not allow complete network access.

These attacks demonstrate one of the most difficult aspects of network security: the fact that, as the old adage states, "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link." Once a single access point has been gained to a network, hackers may be able to gain valuable information about the network, or use that device as a springboard to gain access to other devices and create a map of the network. Once a hacker a possesses a map or inside knowledge of the network, they have large amounts of power to destroy the network in the most efficient or destructive way possible. For this reason, when establishing a network and maximizing its security, it is vital to take into account every possible access point, and to make sure that even at its weakest point, the network is secure to outside attacks.